Amateur Radio

How to Get Started
First: Consider which exam  you need to take. If you do not yet have an Amateur Radio license, you will begin with a Technician Class License. This is the entry level for all “hams”, a nickname for an Amateur Radio operator. Simply pass a multiple-choice test by answering correctly 26 of 35 questions to earn this class license. The exam questions are taken from a pool of over 400 questions.

The test covers the essential things you need to know as a licensed  Amateur Radio operator, including:


FCC Rules

Station license responsibilities

Control Operator duties

Operating practices

Radio and electronic fundamentals

Station setup and operation

Communications modes and methods

Special operations

Emergency and Public Service Communications

Radio waves

Propagation and antennas

Electrical and RF Safety


Second: Consider what method is best suited for you to study for an amateur radio examination.

Some people do just fine by self-study. Others prefer a more formal classroom  instruction method.