VE Session Instructions
ARRL VE Manual
Chapter 6

 Conducting the Test Session
Page     Subject






42 Introduction
    The Candidates Arrive
    Collecting the Test Fee
43   Taxpayer ID Numbers (TINs)
    Amateur Radio license/upgrade applicants should be advised to use their FRN
44   Proof of License Grant
    WCARS-VE Session Summary Form (Candidate Roster)
46   Seating the Candidates
    Separate Rooms
    Check the WCARS-VE Form 605 Early
    Element Credit
48   Credit from CSCEs
    Questioning a CSCEs Authenticity
49   Order of Exam Elements
    Late Arrivals
    Too Many Show Up
    When May VEs Refuse Service to an Applicant?
    Instructions to the Candidates
50   Determine if any Applicant Requires Special Assistance
    Other Procedures for Testing the Disabled
51   Quiet Please
52   Collect All Materials
    Candidates' Possessions
53   Rest Breaks Between Exam Elements
    Rest Room Breaks
    Commencing the Exam
    One Element at a Time
    Form: Written Element Answer Sheet
54   Exam Booklets
    Grading Exams
56   Passing Grades
    Failing Grades
57   Retesting
    Issuing CSCEs
    Completing the CSCE
    Upgrade (new license class earned) CSCEs
58   Instant Upgrade CSCEs
    Candidates with Expired Licenses
    Session Completed, Job Almost Done!