Test Cover Sheet Instructions
FCC file submisions must conform to the following guidelines






Applicant to complete Section 1 (Fields in Blue are Required Entries)
Last  Name char(20) Any characters
Name Suffix char(3) Valid entry from List only
First Name char(20 Any characters
Middle Initial char(1) Any single character
Date of Birth datetime mm/dd/yyyy
Station Call Sign char(6) Must meet FCC Call Sign Guidelines
License Class char(1) N,T,G,A, or E only (Required if Call Sign entered)
FRN (or SSN) numeric(10) FRN=10 numeric, SSN=9 numeric
Mailing Address char(60) Any characters
City char(20) Any characters
State char(2) Valid entry from List only
Zip Code char(9)  5 or 9 numeric characters
E-Mail Address char(50) Any valid address
Phone Number char(10) Include Area Code
Elements Requested EL# Circle Elements requested this session
Applicant Signature manual entry Required entry
Date signed datetime mm/dd/yyyy
Administering VEs to Complete Section 2
VE Check License Check to indicate review by VE
  CSCE Check to indicate review by VE
  Positive ID Check to indicate review by VE
Payment Method Cash Check to indicate payment method
  Check Check to indicate payment method
Element Credit Check Check to indicate credit type
Elements EL# Circle EL# of Exams issued
  Exam ID Enter exam numbers from test cover
  Passed Check to indicate passing score
  Failed Check to indicate failing score
Team Leader Signature manual entry VE Team Mgr to sign after review of all documents
Control Number char(2) Line number of entry on Session Summary
Comments char() Enter as necessary